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Presidents Message Cont.


As a nation at war for the last sixteen years, many things about our military have changed.  As the Army’s spouse club, we too must move forward to appropriately represent the Army.  The efforts we continue to make to support Soldiers and their Families make a direct impact on the readiness of the Army; we must remember the need to support fellow Army spouses remains constant – the friendly face, the knowing smile, and the “I get it” nod that comforts us all as we navigate this life of supporting Soldiers who serve a cause greater than self

If this is your first PCS, tenth PCS, final PCS or you stopped moving years ago, there are others just like you within our membership.  I am a firm believer that every duty station has the potential to be the best ever, especially if you meet the right people.  One of my favorite sayings is “Find your tribe. Love them hard.”  Finding your tribe soon after arriving at a new location is often difficult.  It can appear more so here.  We are geographically dispersed, often do not have a traditional unit that binds us, and might live in a civilian community for the first time.  Consider joining us this year – we are your tribe.

We have monthly luncheons from September-May, special activities, unique tours, zip code groups and opportunities to support our military community.  Be as involved as you like.  Do it all, or join us as your schedule permits.  There is no expectation for participation or expected time commitment.  This club is all about what works for YOU!

This year, our monthly luncheons will include a range of well-known guest speakers and fun events. The International Showcase in February will allow our international members to share special information and fun facts about their countries.  Our tours are one-of-a-kind opportunities and only available to our members.  The tour locations are still under wraps as we finalize the plans, but trust that you will not want to miss these opportunities.  We also have our annual New York City trip in December.  Some members see the Rockettes, while others spend the day shopping.  Our Special Activities include a walking group, Bridge Club, Bible Study, afternoon Movie Group and more.  If you have an interest or talent you would like to share, let us know and we will set you up with your own Special Activities group!

Mark your calendars and join us on 21 September for our Super Sign Up Event from 1030-1300 at the Spates Community Club on Fort Myer.  We will reveal our schedule for the year and “under wraps” tour locations at the Super Sign Up!  You can join AOSCGWA online anytime.  At our Super Sign Up you will have the opportunity to meet other members, sign up for Tours, Special Activities, Zip Code Groups, shop from our Ways & Means table, and visit the many organizations represented.  Military, as well as community, organizations will be on hand so you can sign up or get information in areas that interest you and your Family.  Door prizes and food are also part of the fun!




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